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"Planetary Futures: Über Leben in kritischen Zeiten"

Frankfurt am Main

Lecture Hall Centre of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Photo: Peter Kiefer)

This is the motto of the 62nd German Congress of Geography, which will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 19 to 23 September 2023. The IfL is represented with lectures, sessions and special events.

Four years ago, the 61st DKG in Kiel looked back to a time of disciplinary upheaval and placed the future of geography at the centre of the congress. The 62nd DKG in Frankfurt takes up the concern for the future, but shifts the focus from the discipline to the subject. The motto "Planetary Futures" is based on the time-diagnostic observation that we are living in crucial times in which social life has to be reshaped in the face of multiple global crises. In this sense, after years of pandemic interruption, the 62nd DKG itself aims to become a lively and vibrant place for scientific exchange on current issues, important research questions and societal problems.

The IfL is primarily involved in the DKG through individual projects and research groups and cordially invites you to participate in the following lectures, sessions and special events:



Special events