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GEOINNO2022: Call for papers now open!

Photo: Entrance of Bocconi University

Image source: Bocconi University

How do internationally active and innovative companies from beyond the Global North emerge and integrate into the global knowledge economy or construct their own understandings of potentially more diverse global economies? This question will be addressed in a special session organised by our colleague Thilo Lang together with Robert Hassink at the 6th Geography of Innovation Conference, 26-28 January 2022 in Milan/Italy.

For the sesssion
Firm innovation and spatial ordering through alternative representations of the ‘global knowledge economy’ beyond the Global North
are invited particularly conceptual and empirical contributions discussing:

  • how global economies are perceived, re-produced or challenged from perspectives beyond the Global North
  • spatial aspects of innovation activities in locally rooted and internationally successful enterprises in ‘double peripheries’
  • empirical results on firm innovation, internationalisation and the geography of innovation in non-core economies, with a particular focus on Africa and Central Asia / Caucasus
  • the emergence of transnational enterprises / born globals beyond the Global North
  • how the notions of catching-up and leapfrogging re-produce or challenge pre-defined imaginations of development
  • post-colonial economic geography perspectives allowing for diverse economic practices in the Global South and the Global East
  • researcher positionalities in the field

Further information

Submission deadline

5 September 2021 / online submission