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IfL Forschungswerkstatt #7: Announcement and call for contributions


"I do it online now" – Virtual methods as (new) practice in spatial research?

Virtual survey methods are increasingly used and in demand. The pandemic conditions often require a switch from interactive methods and personal contacts to virtual conversations and contacts. At the same time, the increasing possibilities of online communication enable an expansion of previously known accesses and tools.

We assume that valuable experience in this field is also currently being built up in spatial research. We invite you to exchange views on this subject in the framework of IfL Research Workshop #7 – both on the survey itself and on the peculiarities of evaluating the data collected with it. With about 20 participants we want to create a framework in which the experiences made so far as well as approaches and next steps in our own research work in dealing with virtual methods can be discussed and further developed in exchange with other participants.

Possible topics for submissions:

  • What new peculiarities of empirical field research arise from the attempt to translate interactive approaches to the virtual world? For example, online interviews – what works, what doesn't work? What is different? or: Are observations possible online? If so, how and what (e.g. participating observation in online meetings?)
  • What additional data sources are available in virtual space, what possibilities and difficulties are involved?
  • Which visual survey methods are well suited for virtual use?
  • Are there new methodological approaches through the use of virtual techniques?
  • What influence does virtual data collection have on evaluation processes? Which evaluation methods are particularly suitable, and which are more likely to encounter difficulties?
  • What research-ethical challenges arise when virtual techniques are used for surveys?
  • What changes does the use of virtual methods bring to project planning and implementation?

We are looking forward to receiving ideas for contributions in the form of short abstracts (200 to 350 words) by 15 November 2020 to forschungswerkstatt(at)

Due to the current situation, we are planning this IfL Research Workshop as an online event, which will take place in several blocks in the period from 24 to 26 February 2021. The participation is free of charge.

Download announcement / Call for Contributions (German only)

Further information

More information on the IfL Research Workshop can be found here