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NGM 2022 "Multiple Nordic Geographies"

Joensuu (Finland)

The 9th Nordic Geographers Meeting will take place under the heading "Multiple Nordic Geographies" from 19 to 22 June in Joensuu, Finland.

A session co-organised by Wladimir Sgibnev (IfL) and Wojciech Keblowski (University of Brussels) will focus on mobility as a site of bottom-up interests and contestations organised by diverse social actors, groups and movements. In contrast to the economic and technocratic approaches that remain dominant in transport research, the focus will be on approaches that are aware of how class, race or gender shape mobility practices, alongside social relations and contestations. This includes an exploration of regulatory frameworks, divergent logics and discourses of governing mobility, and the capacity of citizens and workers to participate in shaping transport policies.

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on session 19. "Mobilising, producing and contesting transport and mobility from below: NUMTOTs, metrophiles, revolutionaries" at