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RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2022

Newcastle & online

A two-part session with IfL participation will focus on current issues concerning "left behind places"

Within the two-part session "Geographies of Recovery? Development Pathways and Prospects for 'Left Behind Places'", the IfL is actively participating in the Annual International Conference 2022 of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) in cooperation with the Institute of British Geographers (IBG):

(1) Discontent, marginalisation and the ‘left behind’

Date: Sept. 2, 14:40
Event format: in-person
Session organisers: Danny MacKinnon, Vincent Beal, Tim Leibert
Session chair: Danny MacKinnon
Session abstract

  • Stimulating the Affective Economy: Human Geographical Perspectives on Left Behind Places // Bridget Shaffrey, Anil Sindhwani
  • Left Behind Places’ and Rural Aspirations under Severe Stress – The Case of Rural Zambia // Gideon Tups, Peter Dannenberg
  • Left behind places in Germany: the hotbeds of political discontent? // Jeroen Royer, Tim Leibert
  • Classed symbolic politics and alternative geographies of discontent in the face of urban shrinkage // Solene Le Borgne
  • Setting course for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? A case study of the left-behind sea-related industries in the Solent // Jack L. Harris

(2) Empowering ‘left behind’ places? Spatial policy and planning frameworks

Date: Sept. 2, 16:50
Event format: in-person
Session organisers: Danny MacKinnon, Vincent Beal, Tim Leibert
Session chair: Tim Leibert
Session abstract

  • Evolution of spatial policy approaches after the global financial crisis // Nadir Kinossian, Danny MacKinnon 
  • Unpacking autonomy to rethink local development // Estelle Evrard
  • Spatial imaginaries and strategic spatial planning as effective tools for marginalised territories: a case study in Piedmont (Italy) // Mauro Fontana, Loris A Servillo
  • Asymmetric devolution and the critical path of Combined Authorities and Metro Mayors – is this the ‘real deal’ for left behind places in England? // Paul M Greenhalgh, Kevin Muldoon-Smith
  • Empowering ‘left behind places’? Lessons from the Dutch ‘Region Deal’-programme // Emil Evenhuis

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