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The city as innovation machine?


Practices of knowledge transfer outside of agglomerations are the topic of an online lecture by our colleague Dr Thilo Lang on June 15. The talk is part of the Policy-Workshop "Innovation Barriers and Innovation Policy in Lagging Regions". The event, hosted by the Department of Geography at the University of Marburg, will be held in English and completely online.


Participation is free of charge. To register, please send an e-mail with your full name and the name of your institution to tobias.hertrich(at)  You will receive the participation link and more information in time before the workshop.


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09:30 Introduction

Gisela Philipsenburg (BMBF), Thomas Brenner (Marburg)

09:40 Invited talks: Experience with lagging regions in other countries

Domingos Santos (Castelo Branco): “Lagging regions and regional policy: emerging challenges and shifting paradigm in Portugal”

Magnus Nilsson (Lund): “Regional growth against all odds? Findings from Sweden”

11:00 Invited talks: Lagging regions and policy in Germany and the EU

Matthias Brachert (Halle): “The effects of regional policy on spatial development in Germany”

Thilo Lang (Leipzig): “The city as innovation machine? Practices of knowledge transfer outside of agglomerations”

Simona Iammarino (London): “Globalisation and regional development policy: still a missing link”

12:30 Podium discussion: Policy options for lagging regions

Chair: Rolf Sternberg

Participants: Annekatrin Niebuhr, Simona Iammarino, Mirko Titze, Magnus Nilsson

14:50 Invited talks: Innovation policy – advice and effects

Pierre Mohnen (Maastricht): “How to stimulate research and innovation and how well does it work?”

Knut Koschatzky (Karlsruhe): “Regional transformation and structural change – implications for innovation policy”

16:10 Invited talks: Innovation processes in peripheral and lagging regions

Robert Hassink (Kiel): “Innovation barriers and innovation policies in old industrial areas”

Thomas Brenner (Marburg): “Barriers of innovation in lagging regions”

17:30 Podium discussion: Innovation policy – designed for lagging regions

Chair: Thomas Brenner

Participants: Gisela Philipsenburg, Dirk Fornahl, Rolf Sternberg, Knut Koschatzky