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"We want to be prepared": Local Security and Patriotic Emotions Made in Poland


IfL scientist Bettina Bruns presents results of her current research at the 10th World Congress of the International Council for Central and East European Studies (ICCEES)

Poland's national conservative government sees the country´s national interests and its sovereignty within the EU threatened by foreign policy developments such as Russia's aggression against Ukraine and Europe's "refugee crisis". Among the population, deliberately stoked fears have contributed to the growing popularity of paramilitary groups, some of which were officially incorporated into the Polish army in 2016.

In her presentation, IfL researcher Bettina Bruns looks at the emotional dimension of security production through territorial defence and asks about the role of emotions and affects of different actors in the production of local security spaces. How is the production of security and insecurity linked to certain feelings and perceptions by state and non-state actors?

Further information

The presentation "‘We want to be prepared’: Local Security and Patriotic Emotions Made in Poland" by Bettina Bruns is part of the conference session The Social History of Poland and Ukraine