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Arrival Regions final movie "Home"

From the title sequence of the documentary film "Heimat" (Director: Alessandro Ingaria)

How does migration to another country affect a person's life? This is the subject of the documentary "Heimat", which was created as part of the "Arrival Regions" project.

The final film of the EU project Arrival Regions – Innovative Approaches to the Social and Economic Integration of Non-EU Citizens in Rural Regions, coordinated at the IfL, presents a collective story of migration to the partner regions involved in the project. Director Alessandro Ingaria lets almost 70 affected people have their say. In front of the camera, they talk about their motives for leaving their homeland. And they report on their experiences in the "new" life.

The 25-minute documentary was officially included in the programme of the Nuovi Mondi Film Festival in Valloriat in the Italian province of Cuneo (Piedmont). The film was screened there on 30 June 2022 in the category "Doc Competition – World Culture Section" (learn more). "Heimat" had its premiere in February 2022 at a meeting of the Arrival Regions project partners. The film is available on YouTube: