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Leibniz PhD Network

Serhii Svynarets elected as speaker of Section B

At their digitally conducted General Assembly on the 2nd of October, the representatives of young researchers in the Leibniz Association elected IfL researcher Serhii Svynarets as the new spokesperson for Section B. The section currently comprises 18 institutes in sphere of economics, social and spatial sciences. Together with the other spokespersons of the newly elected steering committee, Serhii Svynarets will work for the interests of young scientists in the Leibniz Association in the coming year.

Serhii Svynarets studied Geography in Kyiv and holds an International Master's degree in Sustainable Development from the Universities of Leipzig and Graz. Since 2019 he has been working as a researcher at the IfL in the EU-funded joint project Arrival Regions

Leibniz PhD Network

The Leibniz PhD Network is an interdisciplinary network of doctoral researchers of the Leibniz Association, which was established on its own initiative in 2016. It was founded with the goal to promote intensive professional and interdisciplinary exchange among doctoral researchers within and beyond the Leibniz Association Learn more