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Rural development project: Virtual photo exhibition documents challenges and problem-solving approaches

IfL junior researcher Sunna Kovanen in conversation with Clara Lourenço, project manager of ADC Moura, one of the partner organisations of the RurAction project in the Alentejo region, Portugal. © 2019 RurAction

The research and training network "RurAction" has designed an online photo exhibition on the problems of rural development and approaches to solutions.

A virtual photo exhibition has been published within the Marie Curie ITN project and network RurAction. The exhibition presents challenges of rural development as well as impressions and solutions from socially innovative initiatives in three case study areas of the project, based on the team´s ongoing research: Alentejo in Portugal, Phthiotis in Greece and Ballyhoura in Ireland The main visual narrative is accompanied with short excerpts and images based on the work of the early-stage researchers, one of whom is based in Ifl.