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IfL in brief – archive

Here you have the possibility to read older articles from the "IfL in brief" section.

Four centimetres on the map equals one kilometre in nature

Connoisseurs know what is meant (... the 1:25,000 topographic map). More than six thousand "Messtischblätter", as these maps used to be called, are available in the IfL library's online catalogue.

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Photos keep history alive

77 years ago, on 4 December 1943, more than 300 000 British bombs rained down on Leipzig. The air raids triggered an inferno after which the city was no longer the same.

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50 million bird observations - visualised in an interactive web map

After three years of development, the "ornitho-Regioportal" went online in October 2020.

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"Science is and remains a reliable source of information"

Against the background of a major demonstration announced by the "Querdenken" initiative in Leipzig on 7 November 2020, Leipzig scientific institutions including the IfL publish a joint statement

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"Hybrid" learning

It is well known that people like to play and always learn in the process. But how do you manage to arouse young people's curiosity for "landscape" and encourage them to discover new things outside?

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Geographies of arrival

IfL researcher Elisabeth Kirndörfer invited young refugees and asylum seekers to exchange their experiences of arriving in Leipzig.

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Leibniz PhD Network

Serhii Svynarets elected as speaker of Section B

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Post-development as an alternative for "shrinking" regions?

Under the heading "De-Growth, alternative ideas for developing depopulating rural areas", Dr. Thilo Lang reflected in an online seminar on 10 September on the prospects and potentials of regions that are largely…

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Against violence and arbitrariness at universities in Belarus

In a joint declaration, representatives of the scientific community call for an immediate end to violence against all members of universities and other scientific institutions and the immediate release of all persons…

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What do we have in common?

In the late July this year, Berlin based Architecture collective, c/o now, preparing video-work as a contribution to the upcoming Tbilisi Architecture Biennial approached our colleague Lela Rekhviashvili to reflect on…

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