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Visiting researchers

The Institute always hosts guest researchers from Germany and abroad, who use the infrastructure of the Institute and present their projects for discussion.

Dr Margit Kőszegi

Dr Margit Kőszegi is a research fellow at the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, Hungary. She is a member of a research group which investigates the societal processes of the European Post-Soviet region. She is interested in nationalisms in the Eastern part of Europe.

During her three months (1 July – 30 September 2020) at the IfL Leipzig, she would like to gain a broader theoretical and methodological basis to her researches. With the help of the IfL library, she collects information about nation-building, East-West relations and the effects of the Soviet system to the Eastern part of Europe. The methodological foundation of examining the power discourses is another goal of her staying at IfL Leipzig.


Dr Neda Genova

Neda Genova studied media and cultural studies in Düsseldorf and London. At Goldsmiths University of London she graduated in Cultural Studies with a doctoral thesis on "Surface-Machines. Spatio-temporal Politics at the Recording Surface of Bulgarian Post-communism". Neda has been teaching at Goldsmiths College since 2016 and worked as an Associate Lecturer at the Media, Communications and Cultural Studies department, as well as as a Short Course Lecturer since 2019. She has also been a Visiting Lecturer at the Institute for Media and Culture at the University of Düsseldorf. Neda is a co-editor of the Bulgarian-based magazine dVERSIA, which since 2015 publishes critical cultural and political analyses bringing together Marxist, feminist and decolonial perspectives. Her research interests include visual culture and everyday media practices, spatial and urban research, and postcolonial and feminist theory.

While at the IfL Neda Genova will explore the ways in which citizens of Sofia engage visually, critically and humorously with failed infrastructure projects in the city. Her point of departure for this will be the examination of a series of Internet-Memes, jokes and puns that were created and circulated on social media in 2018–2020. She will be collaborating with Dr Lela Rekhviashvili and with other members of the Multiple Geographies of Regional and Local Development research area.