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Visiting researchers

The Institute always hosts guest researchers from Germany and abroad, who use the infrastructure of the Institute and present their projects for discussion.

Gaurav Mittal

Gaurav Mittal is completing his PhD at the Department of Geography, National University of Singapore. His research is located at the juncture of critical urban, transport, and political geographies. Inquiring into the politics of everyday mobilities in two small Indian cities (Dehradun and Shillong), his PhD thesis examines the relationships between the governance of transport and ordering of urban space. During his fellowship at IfL, as part of PUTSPACE project, he is working on a research article discussing the nature of ‘public’ in transport provisions of Dehradun and Shillong. As part of the visit, he also intends to work on a collaborative research article on “Law, Public, and Transport”.



Natalia Irina Roman

Natalia Irina Roman pursued her studies in Visual Arts and Public Policy in Berlin and is at the end of an artistic PhD at the Bauhaus University Weimar. With her projects, she has gotten more and more involved over the last years in debating and shaping the public space. As a Visiting Fellow at IfL, part of the Putspace Project until June 2021, she is researching the suitability of the former signal towers of Deutsche Bahn of being transformed into art spaces along the railway tracks, building on her project Along the Lines. A further focus is on projects transforming the train passengers into an art public.



Sunna Kovanen

Sunna Kovanen spent three years at the Ifl as a PhD student in the research and networking project RurAction. As a visiting researcher until July 2021, she is writing her dissertation on collaboration practices and long-term sustainability of social and ecological enterprises in rural areas in Portugal and Germany.


Kirill Galustov

Kirill Galustov is a graduate student of the PhD program “Geography” in the Saint Petersburg State University. Before he has studied urban, polar and marine sciences. His PhD thesis focuses on the organisation of participatory budgeting in Russian and European regions. During his DAAD funded research stay from February to May 2021 at IfL he will analyse best practices in the field of participatory budgeting in Germany and further elaborate his methodological approaches.



Dr Maryia Danilovich

Maryia Danilovich is an Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations, Belarusian State University. Her research interests focus on China’s foreign policy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Maryia was a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden, from 2018 to 2019. During her fellowship from February to April 2021 at Leibniz ScienceCampus Eastern Europe - Global Area Maryia Danilovich will start a new research project, dealing with self-positioning of Belarus in the world order of global competition. She will focus on how China’s Belt and Road Initiative influences the self-positioning of Belarus.



Dr Karol Kurnicki

currently works at the University of Lancaster, where he investigates flexibility in energy demand and is also affiliated with the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick, where in September 2020 he completed the Marie Curie WIRL-COFUND Fellowship. During his fellowship at Warwick he investigated  car parking as im|mobility in the context of social practices and infrastructures. This project also looked at digitalisation of im|mobilities and social media as tools to publicise social situations of mobility. His previous engagement with Leibniz-IfL includes PUTSPACE fellowship (Nov. 2020 - Mar. 2021), during which he worked on a research paper about digital reconfiguration of publics in the context of transportation, organised a workshop about Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms and wrote a science fiction story exploring issues of digitalisation and dataification in mobilities.

During his stay at the IfL he plans to finish the manuscript of the research article and prepare proposals for international research funding in the area of mobilities research. As part of the visit he also intends to contribute to ongoing projects and publications in the area of transportation,  infrastructuring, mobility studies as well as critical and human geography.