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Demand-oriented housing construction in growth regions

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A concept developed for the Halle (Saale)/Leipzig region is now being transferred to the Jena region and the Saale-Holzland district

The demand for affordable housing is an issue of permanent concern to politicians. Municipalities must ensure that sufficient housing is available in city centres while at the same time ensuring mobility and connections to the surrounding areas. The different needs of industry, commerce and citizens must also be taken into account. Scientists at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography and the Institute of Geography at the University of Jena are tackling this issue. Together with the district of Leipzig and the city of Leipzig, the team in the Interko2 project is pursuing the goal of creating an integrated concept for living space in metropolitan growth regions. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the project with 1.3 million euros. In a first project phase, a concept was created for the Halle (Saale)/Leipzig region. Now the analysis is to be transferred to the city of Jena and the Saale-Holzland district.

The research team is analysing which residential land needs exist in the Jena region and the Saale-Holzland district and how residential land can be created there. In order to find out what the needs are, the team is working closely with partners in Jena and the administration of the Saale-Holzland district. Based on the information provided by the partners, the project team will primarily determine the mobility motives and housing location needs of the population. Accessibility and the basic provision of public services, medical care, education and work, but also the availability of building land and the development plans of the municipalities will be taken into account.

After the end of the project, the concept for living space will serve as a recommendation for action for the participating municipalities and will be used in state and regional planning.

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