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Exemplary in equal opportunity policies

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IfL was granted a "Total E-Quality" award for its commitment to equality between women and men. After successful certification, the institute may use the award for three years.

On the occasion of the presentation of the award during an online event on 16 October, the chairwoman of Total Equality, Eva Maria Roer, thanked the award winners for their commitment. "In these extraordinary times, it is all the more important not to lose sight of the ideal of equal opportunities," said Roer.

In a video message, Minister of State Dorothee Baer congratulated the 56 organizations that had successfully applied for the "Total E-Quality" award this year.  The award shows not only their successful commitment to equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace but also that they are advancing the topic within their organisation. They are thus role models and set standards by which others must also be measured.

An independent jury had already attested the IfL in July a "well institutionalised promotion" in the equal opportunity policies and in the area of reconciliation of family and work life. The personnel development concept adopted in the form of a company agreement was "an important instrument for implementing the reconciliation strategy".

The Total E-Quality award certifies that organisations from business, science or administration as well as associations have a successful and sustainable commitment to equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace. It is awarded by the association Total E-Quality Deutschland e. V.

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