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IfL Research Workshop

The format "IfL Forschungswerkstatt" (IfL Research Workshop) offers a continuous forum for discussions on methodical, methodological and conceptual aspects. It is the proclaimed aim of the event series to further deepen the debates on these issues within the field of Geography and its neighbouring disciplines. The events are based on the active involvement of all participants. This regards a lively exchange on problems of research practice as well as experimenting with new methods in the field. To meet these ideas, Discussion Forums and ExperiSpaces were developed as the core elements of the yearly events.

Reports, documentation, programs

Here you will find the programmes as well as reports and photo documentation of previous events in the series "IfL Forschungswerkstatt" (until 2021 German only):

Forschungswerkstatt #8 / 2023


Spatially related research practice in challenging environments: Authoritarianism, conflicts and war

Forschungswerkstatt #7 / 2021


Ich mach das jetzt online – Virtuelle Methoden als (neue) Praxis in der raumbezogenen Forschung?

Forschungswerkstatt #6 / 2020


Viele Methoden verderben den Brei? Mixed Methods in der raumbezogenen Forschung

Forschungswerkstatt #5 / 2019


Aufmerksamkeit erzeugen?! Innovative Kommunikationswege und sensible Vermittlungsformen in der raumbezogenen Forschung

Forschungswerkstatt #4 / 2018


Reflektierter Umgang mit Big Data in den raumbezogenen Wissenschaften

Forschungswerkstatt #3 / 2017


Ethische Aspekte des Forschens mit Kindern und Jugendlichen

Forschungswerkstatt #2 / 2016


Das Auge forscht mit. Visualisierungen in den raumbezogenen Wissenschaften

Forschungswerkstatt #1 / 2015


Zugänge in der raumbezogenen Forschungspraxis: Beobachten, Reflektieren, Ausprobieren