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Project information

Project team

Thilo Lang, Martin Graffenberger, Dennis Hof


Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI) at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO)

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Division of Economics of Agricultural Cooperatives

Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis (INT)

Institute for Social Innovation (ISInova)

Duration of project

03/2017 – 05/2020

Funded by

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF)

Further information

Dr. Thilo Lang
Tel. +49 341 600 55-159

Broadening horizons, changing perspectives

Practices of knowledge transfer outside of agglomerations

Within the scope of a collaborative project, the IfL analysed innovation processes and practices of knowledge transfer of actors located outside of agglomerations. The study includes perspectives of companies as well as of research institutions and scientists involved in transfer activities. The aim of the project was to characterise innovation activities occuring in rural regions and to identify differences in innovation processes and transfer practices as compared to urban agglomerations. Additionally, the project sheds lighted on the preferences and spatial images of scientists as well as actors involved in cooperative projects and examines their significance for developing new instruments of knowledge transfer. The focus was on institutional knowledge transfer and formalised cooperation projects in contrast to informal knowledge exchange between individuals.

The project was part of the collaborative project "Broadening Horizons, Changing Perspectives", which has developed strategies to promote the transfer of scientific research results into rural regions. Prior to this, cooperation between research, business, civil society and the public sector were be systematically examined.


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Brachert, Mattias / Graffenberger, Martin / Lang, Thilo (2020): Innovation und Wissenstransfer außerhalb der Agglomerationsräume. Kontextfaktoren, Strukturen und räumliche Muster. (forum ifl 36), Leipzig, 147 S. ISBN 978-3-86082-109-1. Full text

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