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Project information

Project team

Francis Harvey, Veronica Liebelt, Eric Losang



Duration of project

08/2018 – 05/2019

Funded by

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Further information

Prof Dr Francis Harvey
Tel.: +49 341 600 55-111


Focus: Establishing a consortium to prepare an EU grant application for a RISE network

Atlases are key references across the board in knowledge-based economies. They have been, along with scientific articles, monographs, encyclopaedias and maps one of the primary means of scientific communication and connecters of science and culture. The organisational, geographic, and visual concepts of atlases support scientific discoveries, enable deeper understanding, richer social discourse and provides accessible reference materials for all levels of expertise using formats and media that have been proven over hundreds of years. With shifts to data-driven science, researchers begin to explore how atlases should undergo changes that reflect contemporary dynamics of the economy and society.

This project aims the submission of a proposal to the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action (MSCA): Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) program to lay the foundation for creating an eastern and central European network to develop atlases for the information age. The project develops of exchanges of highly competent staff and forges a new scientific network built on the activities advanced through this proposal.

Through workshops and collaborative grant-writing described in these activities we will create a network that is especially well-suited for the development of collaborative research and innovation across sectors and national boundaries. The activities of the RISE proposal lead to innovative cyberatlases for science and society that will spur work on information age atlases, help acquire new skills, support career development and enhance economic activities among participating groups and connected universities, research groups, governmental bodies and small and medium companies. This will lay the foundation for the successful participation in the RISE-program.


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