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Project information

Project team

Silke Dutzmann, Lisa Eberley, Konrad Großer, Eric Losang, Jana Moser, Sabine Tzschaschel, Jens Rohland


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) / Dr. Frank Wechsung, Dr. Hagen Koch, Dipl.-Ing. Peggy Gräfe

Duration of project


Funded by

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Further information

Jana Moser
Tel.: +49 341 600 55-133


Elbe Atlas of Global Change

The starting point for the work was data from a variety of sources and types, made available from various Geographic Information System-supported programmes and on the basis of different map projections. The adapted integration of plug-ins of different origins into the production process highlights the opportunities for reducing the investment of resources needed to produce complex map material.

The conversion of the research results into maps and graphics was brought about via the development of a production platform for creating subject-specific atlases in an efficient and uniform way. In the conceptual phase, further technical developments and adaptations were tested out and put into effect: the purpose of this was to make possible economically-viable presentations of a variety of source data in a way specific to the addressee. Similarly, cartographic forms of presentation were further developed, taking into account the multi-layered contents in terms of subject matter. This created the possibility to integrate data obtained, via various procedures for obtaining them, as well as to present scenarios and long-term planning strategies.


Wechsung, Frank / Koch, Hagen / Gräfe, Peggy (eds.): Elbe-Atlas des globalen Wandels / (Elbe Atlas of Global Change). Weissensee publishers. Berlin, 2011.