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The IfL produces thematic maps and graphics to visualise geographic research and to facilitate the comprehension of information on all matters concerning space. Turning space-oriented knowledge into detailed and readable maps that comply with scientific standards is the main task of the classic and digital cartography at the Institute.

Maps are a hallmark of the IfL. They are generally produced in collaboration with the research departments of the Institute. The Cartography produces maps for the journals, series and special publications edited by the Institute, and for the publications of its staff. In co-operation with other institutions in science and research, it is also involved in the development of innovative atlas products.

The IfL provides science-based maps for exhibitions. The media constantly publish thematic maps of the IfL, for example in the monthly magazines "Bild der ­Wissenschaft".

The IfL develops and realises increasingly digital and web-based presentation forms for the visualisation of space and spatiality. The cartographic skills and experience of the Institute are an important prerequisite for this.


Dr Jana Moser
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