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Ernst Vollbehr collection of paintings

Until 1975, the “Museum für Länderkunde” existed in Leipzig as one of the forerunners of today's IfL. Only a small part of the painting collection remained after the museum’s closing. Today, the most import one is the Ernst Vollbehr collection, which was purchased by the museum in the late 1950s to replace the immense war losses. Vollbehr (1876-1960) was a well-traveled landscape painter with an enormous œuvre. The IfL has the largest Vollbehr collection with around 1.000 paintings. One regional focus was on the German colonies in Africa and the Dutch East Indies. In addition to the landscape paintings, numerous portraits belong to the Leipzig collection. Some of his paintings from the two world wars can also be found in the IfL. In contrast, Vollbehr’s Nazi propaganda paintings are not part of our collection. The landscape paintings were often used as "character images" in geographical textbooks and schoolbooks.

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