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Topographic map 1:10,000 of the GDR

The topographic map on a scale of 1:10,000 was a new creation, introduced for the entire Eastern Bloc in 1952 and following the Soviet model. In the GDR, the land survey was completed in 1969. At this large scale, every house ground plan is mapped, roads and bridges have precise information on width, pavement and load-bearing capacity, in the forest the tree species, the distance between trees, the average trunk circumference are given, also the large industrial enterprises, which often need half of the map sheet provide a lot of information about the land use. The TK 1:10,000 was processed in the Military Topographic Service, all sheets have the status "Confidential Classified Information". Since 1966 "people's edition"was published for private use. With each new edition, the older map sheets were withdrawn. Therefore, the digitized sheets shown here are all from the last edition of the 1980s.

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