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Project information

Project team

Judith Miggelbrink (project management), Frank Meyer, Tom Schwarzenberg



Duration of project

01/2016 – 12/2019

Funded by

German Research Association

Further information

Dresden University:

Prof Dr Judith Miggelbrink
Tel. +49 351 463-33011

Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography (IfL):

Frank Meyer
Tel. +49 341 600 55-166

Tom Schwarzenberg
Tel. +49 341 600 55-157

Collaborative Research Centre 1199

Border Transcending Assemblages of Medical Practices

Project B05 – Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1199: Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition

Processes of Globalization have considerably challenged and to some extent altered the national organization of healthcare systems. In the European context, this becomes visible in at least two ways. First, European welfare states try to overcome possible medical shortages in border regions by engaging in trans-regional cooperation, for example in the field of emergency care. Secondly, patients increasingly use possibilities to receive treatment in another member state, often in order to utilize economic disparities or to gain access to specialized therapy that is unavailable or illegal in the domestic healthcare system. In the course of these border-transcending practices efforts are undertaken to coordinate national regulations on an international level.

Against this background, the project „Border-Transcending Assemblages of Medical Practices” has investigated transnational regulatory strategies and practices in Europe that contest and rearrange nationally anchored health policies and medical infrastructures. It thereby has focussed on bi- and multi-lateral cooperation arrangements in healthcare provision, as well as the coordination of organ donation and transplantation, which is connected to an array of social, ethical and legal questions. The aim was to reconstruct the assemblages of cross-border practices, networks, projects and technologies in order to understand how new spatial formats in this field emerge and relate to persistent national structures. Based on this analysis the project has intended to elaborate on how these new assemblages and their spatial references are able to modify the institutional conditions in Europe.


Miggelbrink, Jidith / Meyer, Frank (under review): Geopolitics, paralysis and health policy. On the implications of the Dayton Peace Accords for Bosnia & Herzegovina’s transplantation system. In: Geopolitics.

Meyer, Frank (accepted): Scaled regulatory regimes under the global condition. An example from organ transplantation. In: Rao, Ursula / Marung, Steffi (Eds.) (2021): Practises and processes of space-making under the global condition. Berlin.

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Meyer, Frank / Miggelbrink, Judith / Schwarzenberg, Tom (2019): Formatting Practices and Ordering Relations: The Role of Multi-Scalar Regulation and Discourses in the Field of International Organ Transplantation. Working Paper 17 of the SFB 1199. Leipzig.

Meyer, Frank (2019): Mapping organ exchange: Transnational cooperation in transplantation and organ donation in Europe. In: Europa Regional, 2019(2), 23–34.

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