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Project information

Project team

Kristine Beurskens (project lead), Frank Meyer (coordination, TU Dresden), Francis Harvey (coordination, IfL)


Universities of Berlin (HU), Bern, Dresden, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Frankfurt (Main), Halle-Wittenberg, Hamburg (HCU), Hannover, Jena, Leipzig, Mexico City (UNAM), Münster, Osnabrück

Duration of project

01/2021 – 12/2024

Funded by

German Research Foundation, Programme "Scientific Networks"

Further information

D. Kristine Beurskens
Tel. +49 341 600 55-197

Project website (German)

Visualising qualitative geographies

Advancing qualitative geographical research through visual representation

Visualisations are growing in their relevance for geographical research. Their potentials though have merely been used in the representation of qualitative geographic research and its results. The project addresses this gap and sets out to advance German-speaking qualitative geography by establishing an in-depth discussion and further development of visual approaches. The aim of the network is to establish a critical and simultaneously constructive debate on visualising qualitative research through a cooperation of early-career as well as experienced methods-oriented researchers within the German-speaking geographic community. With additional inputs of national as well as international guests from academia and arts, we will develop innovative methods, formats and approaches of visual representation and communication of qualitative research processes and results. In the process, it is the project’s additional aim to provide impulses for a broader debate on the relevance of science communication to social knowledge and learning.