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Geovisual practices and data

The Research Group Geovisual Practices and Data focuses on the reflexive research of connections, spatial dynamics and multi-perspectivalism in the context IfL research framework. The group works on sharpening theoretical and methodological approaches in geovisualisation through a continued engagement with applications and the technological development of suitable tools and concepts for scientific and social needs. The development of statistical and visualisation tools beyond established means of cartography creates new types of thematic graphics and graphical works related to contemporary scientific and social issues. This research and development flows into the Institute´s research activities through new forms of representations and argumentation strategies using spatial information. Research questions at the center of the research group activities:

  • how can the means and approaches of geovisualisation be developed for non-spatial science groups and circles considering ambivalent and sometimes misunderstood meaning of spatial information, representations and argumentation strategies?
  • which coherence develops and persists in the creation and use of geovisual means in different scientific and social groups? 

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