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Historical geographies

How can we narrate Regional Geographies under the current Global Condition in new and different ways? This question guides the research area historical geographies. With methods of global and spatial history, we trace the evolution of international geography over the past 200 years. We look for transnational and intercontinental circulations of geographical knowledge and space-related concepts, compare the profiles and activities of geographical institutions, and analyse how geographical semantics of space affected, in times of globalization, the production of world views conveyed in texts, images, and maps. Our research aims at developing a new concept of (regional) geography’s history. The latter is for us a combination of space-related practices deeply embedded in processes of globalization – the practices react to globalization and, on the other hand, drive it themselves.

In addition to historical studies on Regional Geography’s theory and methodology, our Research Area is renewing the concept of the book series “Landschaften in Deutschland“, one of our Institute’s most important products of knowledge transfer. We want to convey knowledge on regional geography, which results from interdisciplinary research, through new, digital formats that reach various audiences and can be used also in the context of civic involvement in fields such as village renewal or environmental protection.