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Project information

Project team

Annedore Bergfeld


Verkehrsplanung Köhler und Taubmann, Bureau Dresden; Planungsbüro Landmann, Groitzsch

Duration of project

07/2016 – 08/2018

Funded by

Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitiale Infrastruktur, BMVI)

Further information

Dr. Annedore Bergfeld
Tel.: 0341 600 55-140

Long-term supply and mobility in rural areas

A pilot project in the administrative district of Leipzig

Many villages in rural areas are facing problems that arise from the ageing population. As a consequence of this, the traditional support structure of relatives and neighbours gets lost. Furthermore, the accessibility of peripherally located villages with public transport deteriorates in its quality.

With the pilot project “Long-term Supply and Mobility in Rural Areas”, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure wanted to make a contribution to ensure equal living conditions in rural areas. In order to enhance the living quality in these regions and to allow business development, 18 model regions were assisted in improving the combination of public services, local amenities and mobility.

Together with experienced partners of the planning area the subproject of the IfL "Being and Mobility" has examined and developed alternative problem solutions for the District of Leipzig. To this, a broad participation process based on a local requirement analysis was implemented and evaluated. The focus was on the further structuring of mobility solutions, which have emerged as a key approach for ensuring the supply in the district of Leipzig.


The project results are available at (keyword: "Spruchreif")