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Visual Regional Geographies

The focus area, which has been under construction since the beginning of 2023, will deal with the question of how geographical representations shape our worldview. In order to understand why the combination of text, images and maps has a strong influence on our visual habits and conceptions of the world, the information content of these media will be systematically investigated. To this end, the focus area is developing new methods that also include artificial intelligence and digital humanities procedures. Computer-aided methods could, for example, help to identify patterns of relationships in the digitised written and visual documents of the IfL archive and gain new insights in the research field of visual culture. Another goal is to make the large holdings of maps, expedition reports and photos in the Archive for Geography permanently accessible for research and to make them more accessible to the public. In addition, the cooperation in the description, publication and interpretation of the IfL's valuable historical photographic holdings is to be expanded into international research cooperations, especially with partners in the regions of origin or creation.